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ZW322 Type Doubling-Twisting Machine

High speed doubling-twisting machine

1, the use of a single spindle motor drive adjustment, so that the winding speed regulation is more simple, more flexible process control.

2, electronic breakage detector and electronic set Changqing yarn device as a whole can eliminate the single yarn and double waste mixed and uniform length of yarn bobbin, so that the quality of the products more high.

3, tension device, through the addition and subtraction of tension can be very easy to achieve the adjustment of tension.

4, groove tube forming, stable and reliable, suitable for many varieties, the operation is more superior.

Double twisting

1, reasonable and simple pedal brake, make the operation more convenient%@0; achieves one turning two twisting, efficiency than traditional twister doubled, in times.take-up volume increasing, the meters without joints, twisting quality greatly improved, producing a high-quality yarn.

2, reasonable storey, lay beautiful, reasonable structure, easy to operate.

3, the spindle curve of installation, reducing the load, can guarantee the output and quality of the ZW322, to reduce power consumption.

4, carefully designed groove tube structure, so that the winding forming a good.

5, the winding tension can be adjusted on the super feed roller, so it is suitable for dyeing with loose soft winding.

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