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ZW013 precision winding machine

Introduce of the type ZW013 precision winding machine

Product parameters:

This is new elastic type winding machine , Specifically for the below 1000D filament, short fiber and long fiber yarn for cheese dyeing, fine denier fiber, super fine effect is better.

By DC brushless control technology, with a practical and accurate frequency tracking over feed technology, passive twist yarn, yarn spinning the certain in advance, motor winding and overfeed independent intelligent motor drives, the realization of the yarn winding speed, tension, compression, and over feed of the best fit, eventually the yarn breathable and strong staining is more uniform.

It changed the traditional spindle box adopts mechanical cam transmission mode, greatly simplifies the mechanical structure and the winding high speed at 800M/min, this machine has high characteristics productivity, low loss, low noise, long life, stable performance.

Technical parameter:

1 machine form:    single side single layer

2 winding form :      precision winding (loose / tight type)

3 spindles number:  4 spindles per section

4 spindle distance:   360mm

5 types of yarn material: synthetic filament, silk, viscose rayon and line etc.

6 winding speed:   up to 800 m / min

7 transverse length: 150-210mm

8 coiling diameter:   Max 200mm

9 coiling bobbins:     parallel or 3 degrees 30 '

10 coiling shape :  straight hypotenuse amplitude can be arbitrary choice.

11 input way: using different kinds of creels it is capable of dyeing various yarns , such as cheese . hank

12 motor:  brushless DC motor 200W

13 the size of the machine: 4 spindle length1490mm * width755mm * high 1370mm


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