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ZW016C type loose and tight type high speed winding machine

Introduction of ZW016C type loose and tight type high speed winding machine

This machine for compact yarn production cone type, for needle loom, weaving machine, warping machine, hosiery machine use. The winding speed of the machine can be controlled automatically through the computer, up to 1100 M / min. The control of radial anti aliasing device is convenient. Advanced yarn clearing and tension mechanism with photoelectric yarn to avoid yarn winding. The precision and sensitivity of the device can be used to ensure that the length (weight) of the winding is uniform. Electric rotating waxing device can meet the needs of the yarn and the uniformity of the amount of wax. It’s the perfect machine for rewinding ,separate tube yarn (cotton, hemp, silk and chemical fiber yarn )

Main features:

1 durable metal mandrel holder

2 easy to open the bobbin bracket center positioning structure, easy to remove the bobbin winding.

 3 the inlet and outlet of the yarn has ceramic protection, it can avoid the weight of the yarn due to friction.

4 groove tube with dust, anti winding device, can prevent the accumulation of dust, to protect the rotating bearing.

 5 double-sided arrangement of spindle, each section 12 spindles, can be more than one series installation, up to 9 knots for a (108spindles)

6 rotating pin type and weight type yarn brake freely controlling winding tension.

7 spring bracket pressure balancing device, can make the winding start to the end of the uniform winding density.

8 electric rotary device to ensure uniform waxing waxing.

9 Holzer component electronic length measuring device, to ensure that the number of spindles of the spindle is exactly the same.

* user set:

1. Special bobbin center positioning device for

2. Diameter 95mm grooved drum for winding various yarn type

3. Suspension type automatic air splicer.

4.The empty bobbin recovery conveying belt device.

5. Clear uniform wax knife gate device.

6. Electronic clean yarn system

技术特点tec features

络筒机技术参数Technical parameters of winding machine

松式槽筒 loose tube

O/D82mm,节距pitch2.5,对称型symmetrical type ( 0°)

紧式槽筒 tight tube

O/D82mm,节距pitch2.5,非对称型asymmetrical type

成型筒子 松式forming bobbin ( loose )

0°圆柱型cylindrical,或圆台型round table3°30’4°20’

成型筒子 紧式forming bobbin ( tight )

3°30’4°20’5°57’9°15’(仅限于膨胀锭子only expansion spindle

自动定长automatic length

根据成品件,电子设定卷绕长度,最长可达999999according to the product , it can set the winding yarn length , maximum length 999999 meter.

慢速启动功能 slow start function

保证平稳启动,提高卷绕质量ensure a smooth start, improve the quality of winding

配重式纱线制动器weight type yarn brake

可防止纱线在喂入时出现抖动,提供合适卷绕张力prevent yarn jitter in feed, provide appropriate winding tension

电动式上蜡装置Electric waxing device

可放入方孔蜡块,并有重力片,每锭一套均匀上蜡 put into square hole wax, and gravity, each spindle uniform waxing

清结调节器 cleaning regulator

可方便调节清结刀门间隙 it can rasy to cleaning and regulate the distance of knife gete.

横动软边 traversing gear

每节独立电机驱动,横动量可调each independent motor drive, the transverse momentum can be adjusted

配置 set

每节12each section of 12 spindles

驱动方式Drive mode

每锭配一长轴直流无刷电机,可单锭调速,整体调速with a long shaft of the brushless DC motor, can be a single spindle speed, the overall speed.

最高速度Maximum speed

1100/分钟,每面卷绕均可独立设置1100 M / min, each side can be set up independently.

导纱动程traverse range

松式标配147mm兼有142mm; 紧式标配152mm loose parts 147mm,also have 142mm. tight parts 152mm.

纱架平衡器yarn stand balancer

弹簧平衡调节卷绕压力 spring balance adjustment winding pressure

纱线探测器yarn prober

带光学传感器 optical sensors

筒纱最大直径 bobbin max diameter


启动 / 停止并带大按钮开关ON/OFF  button switch

单锭薄膜开关控制,LED实时显示卷绕米数,车头液晶屏单面总控Single spindle film switch control, LED real-time display of the number of meters, the front side of the liquid crystal screen one side of the total control.

径向防叠装置radial preventing stack

电脑控制径向防叠参数设定 computer control radial preventing stack setting parameters

往复吹吸清洁器 round blowing and suction cleaner


消耗功率power consumption

40W/(最高速度),加清洁器电机功率 40w/spindle(max speed), and cleaner power

电源current source

三相three-phase power  400V+/-10% ,  50/60Hz

12锭主机重量/尺寸 the weight /size of 12 spindle

350kg  2108mm(length)*950mm(wide)*1500mm(high)

吸尘器重量/尺寸 the weight /size of cleaner

125kg 根据锭数确定according to the quantity of spindle

车头电控箱重量/尺寸the weight/size of electric control box

 35kg  700 mm(length)*300mm(wide)*1350mm(high)





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