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ZW016P type hank to cone winding machine
ZW016P hank to cone winding machine
   ZW016P hank to cone winding machine used for chemical fiber, veil, filament, low stretch yarn, winding into conical or cylindrical, for the next process to use, the formation of good, high efficiency, no collapse phenomenon, reduce The next process of labor intensity, to adapt to high-speed production.
1, winding drive: a separate drive per spindle, frequency control.
2, winding speed and density: 300-1000 \ minutes.
3, with electronic yarn break from the stop function.
4, tube diameter and course: diameter greater than 290mm, 150mm.
5, with a single spindle length function.
6, advanced touch-screen man-machine interface.
Technical Parameters:
Bobbin size 6 "(170mm)
Structure double-sided machine, each (12-96) ingots
Power three - phase 380v 50 \ 60HZ
Drive single spindle independent AC motor drive
Consumption of 0.09 kilowatts \ ingots kw
Forming cylinder cylindrical \ cone 4 ° 20 ° 5 ° 57 ° 9 ° 15 °
The maximum diameter of the cheese is 200-290 mm
Yarn speed range 300-1000m \ min
Electronic anti - overlap device frequency changer control
Fixed length device programmable control, centralized control, display length
Tensioner Each spindle is equipped with a rotating self-cleaning tensioner and waxing
Mechanical Clearing Device Each spindle can be configured to fine-tune the mechanical clearer
Broken yarn automatic stop device Electronic yarn breakage
Speed ​​control device
The electronic yarn device is optional
Air splicer optional
The suction air cleaner is optional
Photo system (with light) optional
Dimensions (mm) 13700 (length) x1050 (width) x1650 (high)
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