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ZW018 type knitting special winding machine

First , the machine is mainly used for knitting, clothing, weaving factory for yarn waxed, for flat knitting machine, circular knitting machines, weaving machines and other, reduce down to process strength, suitable for high speed production.

Second, the advantage of the products, especially suitable for high-speed wool sweater factory production to buy computer flat knitting machine sweater factory, more and more, traditional hair down machine already can not adapt to the requirements of computerized flat knitting machine on the yarn, semi automatic high-speed hair down machine speed, especially suitable for computerized flat knitting machine manufacturers high-speed production. Electric double waxed device, waxed more uniform, better, waxing uniform of yarn in knitting produced in the process of resistance reduction, reducing the burst holes of the times piece rate. Single spindle length, need a hair sweater, reduce errors and distribution more precisely, reduce waste. * speed, save resources, reduce energy consumption and less, green environmental protection and energy saving. Maintenance rate, compared with the old inverted hair machine, semi-automatic high-speed inverted machine repair rate is almost zero.

Third , introduction to the machine (12-108 spindles) 1, winding drive: each spindle drive alone, variable frequency speed regulation; 2, winding speed and density: 300-1200 M / min; 3, with electronic yarn breaking and automatic stop function; 4, speeding alloy drum, electric double waxed device. 5, with a single spindle meter long work to 6, single spindle speed function, liquid crystal display human-machine interface, the machine with upper air splicing device, blowing and suction cleaner device and machine size (60 spindle): 10500 length x 1050 wide x 1650 high


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